Colour Management Services

Are sending out the right image?

If you are a professional photographer, retoucher or graphic design studio you need a colour managed workflow.









The benefits of colour management:

  • More accurate colours and tones.
  • Accurately reproduce skin tones.
  • Match product colours.
  • Improved screen to print matching.
  • Custom profiles allow the use of non manufacturer inks and papers.
  • Save time and money.


On site consultation

I will visit your studio or workplace and advise you on how you can improve your colour management setup. I will calibrate one of your monitors so you can see for yourself the value of this service.

Monitor, Display and Projector Profiling

This is the most important part and is key to success! Manufacturers use a generic profile for their displays. These are not designed to accurately match colour but rather to show how bright and wonderful the display is. Even the same make and model of display will have differences and every display will "drift" over time as the backlight ages. It is recommended that a display is calibrated at least once a month.

Wether you have a one display setup or a large company or facility I can make sure that your displays are giving you the best results possible.